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Client Information

Client information such as first and last name, billing address, phone number, and e-mail addresse are never shared with third parties, commercial or individual. Client accounts are kept indefinitely for transaction logging purposes but can be removed upon request after 6 months of account closure, or no active services. Information may be provided to law enforcement if proper lawful and legal court order is provided.

Client Service Data

Information hosted on our servers by client will never be accessed, saved, or modified by any Rocketrix representative without initial notification to and consent of the client, unless client requests technical support prior that may require accessing server data; excluding any offered automated backups. Client data included in automated backups is removed after 7 days of being stored (typically Sunday), including when a service is cancelled by client. Client server data backups are not accessible by technical support or billing representatives, escalation of data request for service restoration purposes only, must be passed to management.


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