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Rocketrix has the right to edit and update this legal document whenever it’s deemed necessary and under any reason.

By purchasing one of our provided services, you agree to the terms below.

I) Service Abuse & Acceptable Use

By using Rocketrix hosting services, you agree to not abuse systems or networks in any way that may harm the usability/stability of other client services, or harm outside networks or individuals. This includes but is not limited to: hosting or distribution of malicious files, targeted harassment towards individuals (invasion of privacy), outbound network attacks (DoS), copyright or trademark infringement, nudity(hosting porn websites), piracy (including server license cracking, i.e. Teamspeak servers), tor exit nodes, fraud, phishing, gambling/lottery sites, unsolicited e-mail spam, malicious network scanning, and other forms of resource abuse that may cause harm to other clients. If you're on a shared service (virtual private servers or game servers), you may not utilize 100% of allocates cores for an extended period of time, dependant upon the average load on the system at the time. We do not impose hard load limits, so if you have software that may occasionally use more than average it usually perfectly fine. You’re also required to respect the CPU fair share, if you’re willing to host a software that requires a high CPU usage, please make sure to contact us with the most accurate details regarding the software.

It is allowed and accepted to order and use  addition IPs for your servers, but you will have to list what you will use them for.
Addition IP pricing:
1.5$/Month for France Servers
2$/Month for Canada Servers.
2$/Month for Germany Servers.

IPS are billed on their own invoice and any complains will be forwarded to the client (Giving them 48 hours to take an action, if there is no action taken Rocketrix have the right to step in and take an action which would suit the siutation)

II) Refunds & Cancellation

Refunds are provided if the total time of the service being delivered is not surpassing 24hours and the used payment gateway supports refunding.

Cancellation must be submitted through the Client Area any other form of cancellation requests will not be approved.

As a security measure, if the client open  a dispute in PayPal or file a chargeback, all of the service which on the  account will be automatically suspended  and you will not have access to any service  until it's resolved.


III) Data & Account Responsibility

You, the client, are responsible for the data on your server. We are not responsible for any data loss that may occur during rare incidents such as hardware failures, however if hardware failures occur we will attempt to restore data from our automated backups. You are responsible for the actions that occur on your service.

IV) Automated Backups

We may provide free automated data backups for certain services, if so, these are taken solely for administrative purposes such as disaster recovery (disk or raid failure, etc.) and as so, we do not provide continuous access to these backups for client-end data issues. We may be able to provide one/two restore point(s) per month, however this policy is attached to AR.III

V) Support

All support request must be submitted through your client area via tickets. We are not required to provide technical support via social media, or other unofficial contact methods. We provide self-managed services, meaning the client is responsible for configuring their services unless a management service is purchased.

Live Chat is method of live communication between L1 Support and Clients and only made for basic assistance.

VI) Affiliates

Our affiliate system is aimed at providing clients a chance to receive account credit in exchange for referring new customers. Payouts will only be given via account credits, unless otherwise stated. If you're interested in payout via PayPal please contact us. SEO marketing, or falsely representing us in efforts to gain credits is not allowed. All billing issues relating to affiliate accounts must be reported to us within 7 days.

VII) Payment Chargebacks

Credit card chargebacks and payment disputes are prohibited and may result in termination or suspension of your service without warning. Chargebacks or disputes will disqualify the client from receiving a refund for any payments, and may prohibit future ordering. If you have an issue with a payment, contact billing for a solution.

IIX) Account Privacy

We require all clients to maintain correct billing information, including a full name, accurate billing address (home address, no business or P.O. box) and e-mail address. We collect information at the time of registration and ordering including full name, address, e-mail address and phone number. All information is used solely for transaction purposes and to better service you upon support requests. All billing and data transactions are sent via SSL(Secure Socket Layer). Please refer to our Privacy Policy for your contentment.



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